Broadening My Horizon

Lately, I’ve been finding that I’m spending a lot of time stressing out about not having enough time to prepare for my midterms or about finishing my assignments on time. Now that I have a job, I’m stressing about my work performance as well and whether my training is going at a good pace or if my manager thinks I am a slow learner. All these things in a addition to a little social drama and family drama on the side  have been really stressing me out lately. I stress and overthink about all of these issues that seem so significant to me. In the end though, these issues are really nothing compared to everything else that is going in the world right now. Especially with everything happening right now in Iraq with the ISIS group and Obama sending troops back even though one of his campaign promises was to withdraw all troops from Iraq. I have been making sure to stay up to date on everything that’s happening just because it is so interesting, and also because for the first time ever because of social media we are actually able to really know what’s going on, on the other side. In the past we had to rely on whatever propaganda images the media decided to release. But now we can actually go on the youtube and twitter pages of the actual members of the ISIS group and see what they have to say directly from the front lines and then from that we can form our own opinions based solely on the facts we’ve seen for ourselves. I think this definitely changes things, it’s pretty interesting.

Short Blog Post But Still a Blog Post

So the last time I posted a blog post was exactly 16 days ago! It’s been a while huh. I contemplated deleting this blog site altogether about a couple of weeks ago but then I decided against it. I think I am going to keep it  for as long as possible just so that in the future I can go on here and read about the “good ole days”.

Just wanted to say a quick hello, and you let you all know that I’ll definitely be posting new blog posts. Just gotta get back into the swing of things.

*Side note: as of today I have decided to give up listening to music. Today is day one of no music, lets see how long this lasts.

My Favourites on Tumblr

My Nephew’s Growing Up!

My favourite little guy, my handsome Haris is growing up so fast! He put gas in my car for the first time today! I am so proud of this smart little guy. I had just picked him up from his Quran classes, and we were on our way home when I stopped to fill up the car. He asked me if he could put in the gas and I thought why not! Isn’t he the cutest little guy ever?
10259034_10203730493612015_7256279148235098728_n        10257404_10203730493492012_739956125733859183_n

If you’re a regular visitor on this blog then you know how much I love going on walks by the river! It was really disheartening today, walking by this river only to see that it has almost completely dried up! Hopefully, something happens that causes this river to fill back up!

10314584_10203730493732018_5720392528784432395_n       10330357_10203730493532013_4216107216004595238_n


End of the Shortest School Break of Life

My second year of college officially finished on the third week of April. If I wanted to I could have the next four months off until September like I did last year. However, this year I decided to enrol full time in Spring courses just so that I can get my degree that much faster! Taking spring courses means I don’t really get a break for the summer. My spring classes officially start on the 5th of May. Today is the fourth, and so technically today was the last day of summer break for me. In order to make the most of our last free day, a few of us got together and went out for a late lunch.

For lunch we decided to hit up “Arabesque Cafe”. I took exactly two pictures at the restaurant. I was going to take more, but the restaurant was packed and I didn’t want to embarrass myself by constantly taking pictures of everyones food at our table.

10176039_10203698419170174_524556355995086828_n 10329247_10203698538053146_2388785749881398971_n

After our late lunch, we headed over to Second Cup for some hot drinks! We ordered our drinks and sat down at a table for a little chat session.


After Second Cup, we all headed over to a local park for a walk.

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April Updates

1.) Goodbye boring old white, and hello Italiano Rose
My room walls have always been white. Initially I didn’t really mind it much, but then when I purchased a white bed set I hated the white. For some odd reason white walls don’t really go well with white furniture. But now that my walls are painted a beautiful shade of “Italiano Rose” everything looks and flows really well together.
1794822_10203680114232562_4091317215889951812_n 10245284_10203680114192561_4460634654696418393_n

2.) Obsessed with Suits
A while back a friend was telling me about how he really liked the television show Suits. Last night I decided to watch the first episode of season one to see what the show was all about. It’s not even the end of the day today and I am already on episode 11 of season one. It is such an amazing show! I’m really glad I discovered it just now because it means I can watch all of season one, two, and three since they’re already out. I hear the show returns for season four in June. I’m sure I’ll be all caught up by then if not sooner!