Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from the two muslim girls posing with Santa :P

Guess what ya’ll? It’s that time of the year again! End of a semester, which can only mean exam time! I had my first one this past Monday. Now that spanish is done and over with, I have three more to go. Gladly accepting any and all good luck vibes being sent towards me for my next three finals.

Little Sisters and Little Nieces

My littlest sister turned 14 this week. My little niece happens to be allergic to about a million and one things. And so because of her allergies there are certain foods she can’t have. One of those foods she can’t have happens to be birthday cake. My sister decided she didn’t want her baby girl to feel left out when it came time to cutting the cake and so she went ahead and made her daughter her own little cake. Seriously, how adorable is her little cake!?

     IMG_7502  IMG_7501

Every Day Favourites

I think I’ve finally found the perfect makeup combination that works best for me. I have been using these products together for about four months now and I still love it. I had some free time today so I thought why not share this amazing combination with all you beauties.


So to begin with, I use the Dior Pore Minimizer in the shade 001. Next, using the beauty blender I apply Makeup Forever HD Foundation in the shade N127. After that I apply Mac’s pro long-wear concealer in the shade NC35. To top it all off I use the real techniques foundation brush to lightly buff on the setting powder which happens to be by Sephora in the shade 33 walnut.


This blush has actually been a recent addition to my collection. The one I used to use before this was the Revlon matte blush in the shade perfectly peach. I really loved the way that blush went with my skin tone, but unfortunately I ran out of it and wasn’t able to get another one because Revlon had decided to discontinue it. So now I use Mac’s powder blush in the shade Melba. I have to say, I prefer the Revlon over the Mac.

So if you’re a member of sephora’s reward program you get a mini gift on your birthday. On my last, last birthday Sephora’s birthday package included a mini Benefit highlight, as well as a mini Benefit they’re real mascara. I remember really liking that mascara but for some reason I never picked up the full size after the mini one finished. But then a few weeks ago one of my co-workers surprised me with a full size of this mascara. I started using it again and I ‘ve decided it’s one of my favourites! Before my colleague gave me the Benefit mascara, I used to only use L’Oreal’s original voluminous mascara. But now I use them together as a combination!


My go to lip combination is Mac’s lipstick in Please Me, and Mac’s lipliner in “In Anticipation”. Its the perfect duo! Along side my two favourites,  also pictured is the Mac lipliner in the shade Whirl. I don’t know if I like yet. I just picked it up recently because I love the way it looks on Kylie Jenner.

Reaching VIB Status!

I feel like it has been ages since I posted anything on here. Lately i’ve been finding that I either have no time to write a blog post or when I do have time there’s nothing worth writing about. Or there’s the third alternative which would be my laptop isn’t working. Just a friendly tip for all you iPhone/Mac users; don’t use non-apple usb cables to charge your phones. Even if they are cute and pink and happen to be a gift from a good friend. Stick to apple and save yourself the trouble of having to take your laptop in to get fixed because it burned out on you when you used a usb cable from a foreign country.

Laptop’s been fixed now, hence the reason you are able to see/read this post :)

One of my really good friends and I went out for lunch and a little shopping today.I thought I should take some pictures and post it on my blog. I’m hoping to get into the blogging mood again so I can post more consistently on here.

image-35 copy

 I feel like this fortune cookie message was meant specifically for me. I question/hesitate on every little decision!


Highlight of my day: I reached VIB status at Sephora!!